Club Buoyant That Anzac Meeting Is Safe

Apr 19, 2017

The Tweed River Jockey Club will find out today whether its annual Anzac Day race meeting at Murwillumbah will go ahead as it looks to bounce back from the devastating recent floods.

Stewards from the Northern Rivers Racing Association will conduct an official walk on the track today to determine whether it is in good enough condition to host next Tuesday's meeting.

Tweed River Jockey club general manager Brian Charman was hopeful it would go ahead after seeing first hand the improvement in the track over the past three weeks but he said there was concern over parts of the course.

"There are just two patches on the track where the water comes in first and lies on the track," Charman said.

It stays there a day after it goes down everywhere else.

That would cause them some concern.

There is a little bit of rain forecast for a few days this week which is something we don't need.

"If the stewards are of the opinion that being this time of year and we race again in a fortnight that it would do more harm than good then we would like to make an early call on it," Charman said.

The water rose the height of nine concrete building blocks, more than triple any other flood that has hit the club.

"Basically anything five and 6 foot under was lost", he said. "

We have got some higher areas on our race track that water has never gone over that has been 4 foot under."

Charman praised the efforts of local tradesmen & the Australian Turf Club who had worked tirelessly to get the club going again.

"We have had electricians out here every day for the past week and a half and they are just about finished fixing up all our power," Charman said.

"We have got our TVs booked to come in this week, fridges are due this week and our stock order been placed for Anzac Day so everything is ready in terms of infrastructure."

"We have lost a little bit of furniture but in saying that the Australian turf club has been fantastic, providing us with second-hand furniture tables and chairs."

"They are things we would never have been able to replace here."

Story Tom Boswell.

Courtesy of the Gold Coast Bulletin.