Matthew Dunn Wins Trainer Challenge, But Donates Back To TRJC For Sponsorship.

Jan 04, 2017

Matthew Dunn finished on top with 39 points and received a $4000 payment while Bruce Hill was runner-up on 11 points and finished yesterday with a $1,000 payment.

Brian Charman made the presentation to Matthew Dunn congratulating him and his wife Kiera Dunn along with his team at Matthew Dunn Racing.

The trainer's incentive has been a fantastic concept, and the Tweed River Jockey Club was proud to be placing funds back into the industry, in particular to the trainers.

Brian Charman went on to say the Tweed River Jockey Club was very proud in its inaugural year to present the winning trainer's incentive cheque to a local Murwillumbah Trainer in Matthew Dunn. Matthew Dunn accepted the cheque and praised the Tweed River Jockey Club in providing great racing and training facilities here at Murwillumbah not only helping him, but all the other Murwillumbah trainers achieve the best possible.

Matthew Dunn went on to say he would support the Club by placing the funds back into the clubs hands at an early date through a sponsorship arrangement or the like, a gesture by Matthew showing a sign of fantastic support to the local country club which races 11 events a year.

Matthew Dunn 39

Bruce Hill   11

David Kelly 9

Liam Birchley  8

A successful couple of weeks for the club with the rain dampening the final leg

The Crowd was down on last year, but the expectations of the crowd growing earlier to the afternoon were purely weather related.

Surrounding areas of Murwillumbah copped up to 6 inches rain, and all morning the Southern Gold Coast and Tweed Coast rained to the degree where most assumed that the racing may have been called off.

It was still a credit to the club, owners, jockeys, trainer's that traveled from locally and afar, and the patrons that turned up on the day that a great day of country racing came through.

(pictured winning connections of Lifesaver, trained by Matthew Dunn)